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Winni Wednesday is an online publication that helps consumers find brands that are making a positive impact on the world, so they can shop smarter (and save the world while doing it). 

We carefully research and select mission-driven brands that are giving back in some way – whether that be to the planet through their ethical and sustainable practices, or by donating a portion of their profits to a specific cause, from the environment to health, socioeconomic issues, animal rights and more. 

Winni Media

"Keeping an ear to the ground on what conscious consumers are looking for, and predicting how these desires might grow and adapt, is the key to building a future-proof business. Now, it's not enough for leaders to only guarantee that their business stands the test of time. They need to guarantee that the planet and its people to too." 
- From the article, “Brands, You Need To Listen To The Conscious Consumer Of The Future,” April 2021


We offer sponsorship packages, dedicated emails, and earned media opportunities to help your brand reach our audience of conscious consumers.


Winni Wednesday is our email newsletter that helps consumers find brands that give back to the causes they care about most. We feature a curated list of brands around a specific theme or cause and include special offers, exclusive promo codes, tips, and giveaways from these brands … because doing good shouldn’t cost more. View sample here.

Winni Spotlight is our dedicated email that highlights one brand and their give back efforts. This email will often include a new brand or product launch, a limited time offer, a giveaway, a unique challenge, or a special event centered around their mission. is where consumers can search for brands either by name, by cause or by category, making it easier and more efficient to quickly find information about the “give back” and mission behind the brands. Here, our readers can also submit brands that they love -- or share a cause that they wish more brands would support.

Learn more about how we select the brands we feature.


Fill out this form to submit your brand for consideration to be featured in an upcoming edition of our Winni Wednesday newsletter. Media Kits available upon request.

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